Pondering in the morning…

My life is in the palm of your hands

And you take great pride and pleasure in me

You see me as more valuable than precious rubies

So I know you’ll take great care me.


Awaken in me

Let your Spirit guide me

Lead me to the ends where I find me – then further

To where I find you.

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It’s Black History Month… and I’m angry.

My eyes roll counter-clockwise as if to dial back enough time to catch myself from swinging.

My soul makes sounds for words my mouth hasn’t learned to form yet

This heavy burden grieves me

The weight of atrocity that some have the option to not see

Like changing the channel on TV – they can easily remove themselves from my reality.

But the reality is I’m still grieving. Continue reading

The reason why I changed my name…. The long version.

J A S M I N E    M W A N A I S H A    A L I

For those of you who have known me for over two years… this thought may have crossed your mind at one point or another, especially in the transition phase. For those of you whom I just met, well, SURPRISE! My parents didn’t name me after the Arabian Disney Princess. Continue reading